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Of Music and Story: River of Life《乐。叙:生命之河》

Of Music and Story: River of Life 15 Dec 2019 (Su) 5 PM and 8 PM (1-hr concert each) Esplanade Recital Studio Tickets: SGD28 (Concession for students, NSFs and senior citizens: SGD20; bulk orders (min 4 pax): SGD18)

《乐。叙:生命之河》 12月15日(日) 下午五点以及晚上八点(各音乐会时长约1小时) 滨海艺术中心音乐室 票价$28(在籍学生、国民服役人员及乐龄人士优惠票:$20; 团购套票:每张$18, 需购买至少4张门票。套票数量有限。)

Inspired by the late senior reporter and historian Han Shan Yuan’s (韩山元) famous literature about the stories of our Singapore River. Through music, storytelling and multimedia, this multi-disciplinary concert sheds light upon the great historic river which once was the very heart and lifeblood of our island’s economy.

Celebrated local composer and Cultural Medallion recipient Law Wai Lun (罗伟伦) will be featuring his world premiere composition specially commissioned for Ding Yi and the concert, which is his first time writing for the professional Chinese chamber ensemble. Joining the collaboration is local senior editor and daughter of Han Shan Yuan, Han Yong May (韩咏梅), who will take on the role of script consultant, while famous local dramaturg Yang Shibin (杨世彬) will serve as the narrator for the concert.

受本地已故资深报人、文史学家韩山元先生著名文学作品《新加坡河:讲不完的故事》启发而编创的叙事音乐会,结合华乐室内乐与说书艺术,由新加坡河流出的音符,连串幕幕情景,唤醒段段历史,奏响首首心曲,激起颗颗心灵。鼎艺团2019年度重头戏:乐。叙 《生命之河》,精彩可期!


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