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The Composers Society of Singapore is delighted to announce the 2nd edition of Young Composers Forum (YCF), taking place from October 2023 - March 2024. Under the tutelage of senior CSS composers, up to 10 aspiring young composers will have the opportunity to go through a 6-month creative period of writing a new piece (3-4 min) for Weird Aftertaste, YCF ensemble-in-residence. The forum will consist of meet-the-musicians sessions, masterclasses and workshops. The young composers will then have a chance to write their very own piece which will culminate in a final concert, featuring the works of young composers selected from our YCF programme.


Participants should be Singaporean citizens/residents aged 15 to 19 (or up to 21 for those required to fulfil the National Service obligation).

Composition Mentors

Ensemble in Residence

Weird Aftertaste is an artist-driven new music collective that aspires to the sustainable performance of today’s best contemporary concert work. As advocates for the experimental, risky and non-commercial in sound, since its inception in 2021 the group has performed work not just by genre-defining stalwarts of new music, but also the work of young musical innovators both locally and abroad.

YCF participants will be able to write a piece for a duo/trio subset of Weird Aftertaste: Bertram Wee (Piano), Lynette Yeo (Piano), Michellina Chan (Saxophone), Christoven Tan (Violin/Viola), Chee Jun Sian (Cello)

Participant Benefits

As part of YCF, participants will be offered the following:

  • Meet-the-musicians sessions with Weird Aftertaste (YCF ensemble-in-residence)

  • Workshops focusing on compositional techniques, Jamming & Experimentation sessions, as well as an Open Panel Discussion on 'Composing as a Journey'

  • 4 individual lessons (1h) with assigned mentor (Nov ‘23 - Jan ‘24)

  • Intermediary reading session with mentors and ensemble

  • Premiere of new work by Weird Aftertaste at YCF Final Concert (Mar ‘24)

  • [Non-Members] Free 1-year Membership until 31 Dec 2024

Participation Fee: $50 (CSS Members), $100 (Non-Members)

To Apply

Submit the following materials by 31 Aug 2023 (Thu), 11:59pm SGT to

  • One to two of your most representative compositions: Score (PDF) & Audio (MP3) - MIDI realisations of the pieces are accepted.

  • Please share about yourself, your motivations for the programme, compositional goals, and what you hope to gain about the programme. (Between 150 to 500 words)


Selected participants will be notified via email by 15 Sep 2023 (Fri).

For more information on YCF and schedule of activities, email

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