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Xavier Hui: Reflection on YCF 2023

"Personally, I find the Composers' Forum very insightful! From a compositional standpoint, I've acquired new perspectives on how to write more sonic-oriented works, and how to create more organic forms within a shorter duration. It has helped me to become more economical, and mindful of various subtleties within my music. 

I'm incredibly grateful to have worked with Dr Koh and the wonderful musicians from Weird Aftertaste -- many new perspectives gained, especially when it comes to my experiments on indeterminate music in the earlier drafts of my work. Lastly, I'm also really glad to see many new and old faces during the workshop, and it's a delight to hear each of their own slants towards music. Diversity is incredibly important especially in this day and age, and it's exciting to see where and how these composers including myself, can contribute to existing domains or even create new and personalised ones."

The 2nd edition of CSS’ Young Composers Forum took place from October 2023 to March 2024. Under the tutelage of senior CSS composers Joyce Koh, John Sharpley and Yuting Tan, 9 young composers were selected to undergo a 6-month creative period of meet-the-musician sessions, lectures, individual lessons and workshop sessions, in order to develop new pieces for local new music collective Weird Aftertaste. YCF 2023 culminated in a final concert at the Singapore Composers Festival 2024, which took place on 23 March 2024.



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