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The Composers Society of Singapore is a non-profit organization that aims to foster the creation of new music in Singapore, and promote Singapore new music locally and abroad. Your donations will support projects such as:

Singapore Composers Festival

A festival featuring talks and workshops relating to composition, and concerts featuring pieces composed by Singapore composers.


Young Composers Forum

A mentorship programme for young composers (under 21) considering a career in composition. Under the mentorship of professional CSS members, participants undergo a six-month creative period, culminating in a final concert.


Composer of the Month

A monthly series which showcases the lives and works of living Singapore composers. This is conducted through the form of written and video interviews which are featured on our various social media platforms.


Score Follower Videos

Every month, we post a video on our YouTube channel of a performance of a work by one of our members, with the score overlaid so that viewers can follow along.


Composing Monumentality

Our online lecture-seminar series featuring research on the music of Singapore’s pioneer composers, published on our YouTube channel.


CSS Presents

A series of workshops conducted by CSS members on topics relating to composition.


Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated! Click the link below to make your donation via PayNow. If you'd like to donate via other modes of payment, such as cheque, bank transfer, or cash, please email us at

We are currently working towards obtaining charity and IPC status to better serve the community. As such, please note that donations will not be eligible for tax reduction at the moment. We hope that you will support us towards this cause!

In-kind Sponsorships

We also accept sponsorships of goods and services. Venue or catering sponsorships for CSS events such as festivals, concerts, or workshops are always appreciated. We also welcome free tickets or ticket discounts for performances or other music events.


If you would like to make an in-kind donation, please email

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