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Projects of Composers Society of Singapore

Our Projects

Through videos, seminars and interviews, the Composers Society of Singapore promotes local composers and showcase their music to the wider public.

Musings Section 

Check out our interviews with local composers, including our monthly Composer of the Month and CSS 15th Anniversary interviews

Interviews with Singaporean Composers

CSS Score Follower 

Follow our specially curated playlist of score follower videos of works by Singaporean composers!

Composers Society of Singapore Score Follower Videos

Say Say Borak

Our series of musical discussion-seminars for the wider Singapore public. Stay tuned for the session in May 2023! 

Say Say Borak Discussion Seminars


Through online interviews with CSS Member Composers, we aim to invite composers to share their working processes, extra-musical interests and inspirations, perspectives on music and composition, and life as a composer.

Broadcast of Composers Society of SIngapore

Composing Monumentality

Our research on the music of Singapore's pioneer composers, delivered through online lecture-seminars.

Composing Monumentality by the Composers Society of Singapore
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