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About Us

The Composers Society of Singapore (CSS) is the national representative for Singapore to the Asian Composers League (ACL).  CSS exists to promote interest in Singapore’s new music scene by being a meeting point for, building awareness of and creating opportunities for professionally-trained composers. Since its founding in 2007, CSS has become a key platform in developing local composers in Singapore and overseas. Our goal is to advance Singapore's new music scene through the development of composers.

Composers Society of Singapore
Persatuan Komposer Singapura
சிங்கப்பூர் இசையமைப்பாளர்கள் சங்கம்

Mission & Vision

Uphold SG composers interests


Founded to uphold the interests of Singapore's young and professional new music composers 

Foster creation & promotion

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We aim to cultivate the local scene through the promotion and creation of new music locally and globally

Represent SG internationally

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National representative for Singapore to the Asian Composers League (ACL) and beyond

Executive Committee

Board of Advisors


2013 acl.jpg


Hosted 31st Asian Composers League Festival (ACL) and Conference at Yong Siew Toh conservatory, showcasing performances by Singapore Chinese Orchestra, Philharmonic Winds, T'ang Quartet, Ding Yi Music Company, and others

2016 ycf.jpg


First edition of Young Composers Forum, a 6 month mentorship program, is launched with 14 selected participants

2017 36th CANZ.jpg


Collaborated with Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO) and Composers Association of New Zealand (CANZ) on 36th CANZ Composers Workshop hosted in Nelson, New Zealand

2017 10th anni concert.jpg


CSS 10th Anniversary Concert commemorates 10 years since the society's founding

2019 CSS x ACL-korea.jpg


Jointly premiered 7 works in Korea and Singapore as part of a CSS x ACL-Korea collaboration concert, Dialogues and Reflections, under support of the National Arts Council's Marketing and Audience Development (MAD) Grant

2020 say say borak_edited.jpg


Say Say Borak musical discussion-seminars are launched as platform for artistic exchange of ideas, and engagement of wider public

CotM - Feature Image.png


Composer of the Month is launched in Musings Section, featuring monthly interviews with local composers on their musical journeys



Collaboration with the National Gallery of Singapore on their Resonates With series, a monthly music showcase at the Padang Atrium

css showcases.jpg


CSS Showcases SG New Music Talents 2020, a digital concert programme showcasing works & ideas for new music by Singaporean composers, is produced under support of the National Arts Council's Digital Presentation Grant (DPG) and uploaded to our YouTube channel



First edition of Broadcast, an initiative featuring conversations with Singapore’s composers on music and composition, is launched on our Youtube Channel



Score Follower Video Series is launched as a digital initiative on our YouTube channel, updating monthly with scores of a work by CSS members under support of the National Arts Council's Sustain the Arts (stART) Fund.



Collaboration with Asian Civilizations Museum on sound design for Pedra Branca Shipwrecks exhibition

Composing Monumentality_edited.webp


Online lecture-seminar series, Composing Monumentality, is launched, chronicling major achievements of Singapore pioneer composers under support by the National Arts Council's SEP Grant

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CSS Presents, a workshop series by CSS members, is launched with first workshop in July as a platform for CSS members to share their expertise with members of the public



Second edition of Young Composers Forum is launched with 9 selected participants under support of the National Arts Council's Presentation & Participation (P&P) Grant

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CSS organizes the first Singapore Composers Festival, a one-day festival featuring compositional workshops, and two concerts premiering 9 works by Young Composers Forum participants, and 6 works in collaboration with the Malaysian Composers Collective (MCC), under support of the National Arts Council's Sustain the Arts (stART) Fund.

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