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锡山文艺 article on composer Tsao Chieh by Dr. Pow Jun Kai

We congratulate CSS Associate member Dr. Pow Jun Kai for recently publishing an article on Singaporean composer, Tsao Chieh (1953-1996), in the Chinese literary magazine, 锡山文艺 Vol. 52. The essay is an output from the "Composing Monumentality" research project supported by the Composers Society of Singapore and a grant from the National Arts Council in 2021. The team members include Ng Weihan, Toh Yan Ee, Gu Wei, Kenneth Tay and Leia Devadason.

Listen to the specially commissioned world premiere of Tsao Chieh's Canzona for Piano Solo (1971) performed by Pauline Lee, a work newly discovered by Dr. Pow Jun Kai:



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