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Opening Concert:
Young Composers Forum

Young Composers Forum


The 2nd edition of CSS’ Young Composers Forum took place from October 2023 to March 2024. Under the tutelage of senior CSS composers Joyce Koh, John Sharpley and Yuting Tan, 9 young composers were selected to undergo a 6-month creative period of meet-the-musician sessions, lectures, individual lessons and workshop sessions, developing new pieces for local new music collective Weird Aftertaste which culminate in this final concert.

About the Composers


Composer biographies and their works can be found here

Ensemble in Residence


Weird Aftertaste is an artist-driven new music collective that aspires to the sustainable performance of today’s best contemporary concert work. As advocates for the experimental, risky and non-commercial in sound, since its inception in 2021 the group has performed work not just by genre-defining stalwarts of new music, but also the work of young musical innovators both locally and abroad. Democratic in conception, the group eschews the vision of a single artistic director for the unbridled collective energies of its component artists.

Ticket Pricing


  • Student Member: S$5;

  • Student Non-Member: S$8

  • Full/Associate Member: S$8

  • Non-Member: S$15

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