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Hoh Chung Shih

Dr HOH Chung Shih is a composer from Singapore with an emerging international presence with commissions and requests from Asia, Europe and America. He has worked with some of the world’s premier contemporary musicians.

He is also a guqin (Chinese 7-string zither) player. His qin guru is Ji Zhiqun, who studied under 2 of the most profound qin masters in China currently, Gong Yi and Wu Wenguang. His study of the ancient Chinese qin music led him to in-depth study of the Chinese literati culture which includes brush painting, philosophy and garden design. Consequently, his interest in composition can be described as an exploration of a double intersection: one between the avant-garde and the experimental, and the other between the international contemporary and traditional Chinese literati cultures.

Chung Shih is also a sound artist, who works in interdisciplinary collaborations with MLuM, an international artist collective.

Visit his website here:

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