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Closing Concert:
Composers Society of Singapore x 
Malaysia Composers Collective

Composers Society of Singapore x Malaysia Composers Collective


Joining hands with the Malaysian Composers Collective, the Composers Society of Singapore and Weird Aftertaste present a diverse palette of sounds and stories from composers of Singapore and Malaysia.

About the Composers


Singaporean Composers Biography

Ding Jian Han

Ding Jian Han (b. 1994) is a composer, music arranger and music educator from Singapore. His current compositional style draws inspiration from his varied non-musical interests and he uses these non-musical ideas and concepts to formulate new sounds and textures in his music. He is strongly influenced by video and the visual medium and enjoys incorporating acoustic models in his works. His music has been performed in Singapore, Germany, China, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and New Zealand. In 2019, Jian Han was awarded the 3rd Prize of the Asian Composers League (ACL) Young Composers Competition. In 2021, He was awarded the First Prize and the Young Singaporean Composer award in the Ding Yi Music Company 4th Singapore International Composition Competition for Chinese Chamber Music (Category B2). Jian Han is currently Composer-in-residence of a new music ensemble based in Germany, Ensemble INprogRES, and teaches music at Raffles Institution in Singapore. He has also given guest lectures at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) and the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music (YSTCM), under the invitation of Dr Goh Toh Chai Zechariah and Dr Peter Ivan
Edwards respectively. His principal tutors in composition include Dr Peter Ivan Edwards, Mr Martin Jaggi and Dr Oliver Schneller.

Ding Jian Han's work:

P. p. P. p.
Alto Saxophone, Viola, Cello & Keyboard Sampler (6'')

Nathanael Koh 

Nathanael Koh (b. 2010) is a Singaporean composer and music researcher. He composes in many genres, like Western classical, Chinese, Indian, avant-garde, and jazz. His research interest is composing in alternative musical tunings that are not the usual 12 tones per octave. This year, he presented his microtonal music internationally at the Mathemusical Encounters: A Diderot Legacy conference, held at Yong Siew Toh Conservatory, National University of Singapore. To date, his musical compositions have been performed internationally, with performances in Singapore, the United Kingdom, the United States, Finland, Austria, Malaysia, and New Zealand. He graduated with an Honours in Music Composition from the Australian National University (ANU, Australia). He is a volunteer teacher of music theory at the Beautiful Minds Music Academy Singapore. He is also the Composer-in-Residence of Kids’ Philharmonic SG.

Nathanael Koh's work: 

Of Eternal Time

Synthesizers 1 & 2; violin, cello (7'')

Avik Chari

Avik is a Composer and Sound Designer based in Singapore. He specializes in crafting unique sonic experiences for diverse projects, ranging from video games and brand visuals to museum exhibitions and virtual reality. As an audio designer, he relish opportunities to blend music and sound design in order to shape cohesive audio worlds. He write music in a variety of styles but I excel in ambient/fantasy orchestral works, cute electronic beats (picture a bubble tea sugar rush), and sadboi indie tunes. He also write music for live performance. His music has been performed by ensembles such as the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, Transient Canvas, Eureka Ensemble, Morse Percussion, and the Nanyang Collective. 

Avik Chari's work:

Cities I

Saxophone, cello, electronics 

Malaysian Composers Biography

Jellal Koay

Koay Loong Chuen (also known as Jellal Koay, b. 2001) is a Malaysian pianist-composer. He has been studying piano performance under Ms. Kwan Yin Hui since 2012, and later started studying composition with Malaysian composer Dr Wong Chee Wei since 2019. As a student composer, he won several awards such as the 1st Prize for Solo Harmonica & Orchestra category in the Hong Kong International Composition Competition for Chromatic Harmonica 2021, 2nd Prize for Brass Trio category at The Diversity Initiative Call for Scores, and selected as one of the winning composers in the Malaysian Patriotic Music Composition Competition 2019 (Choir Category). He had also participated in the Virtual Manila Composers’ Lab 2020, Malaysian Young Composers’ Workshop 2021 and The Rondo Production’s Musical Exchange Programme 2021 (Composition). Jellal is currently studying composition at Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music under the tutelage of Assoc. Prof. Peter Ivan Edwards and Adeline Wong.

Jellal Koayo's work: 

MGgggG h0W dAR3 yo0ouUwUu!!!!!1!

for Keyboard (4 Hands) (5')


Sebastian Ooi

Sebastian Ooi Wei Chern is a Yangqin performer, composer, arranger, and conductor based in Ipoh. He currently serves as the Yangqin performer for the N10 Ensemble and as an instructor for the Chinese Orchestra of SMJK Sam Tet (STCO) and Shen Jai High School (SJCO). He began his musical journey at a very young age, studying piano under the tutelage of Ms. Patricia HC Lim. Later, he was introduced to the Yangqin by Mr. Teh Beng Huat. In 2010, he was accepted as an undergraduate student in Yangqin performance at the China Conservatory of Music, under the guidance of renowned Yangqin performer Associate Professor Wu HuangHuang, and he successfully graduated in 2014. A pivotal moment in his career came when he participated in the SoundBridge Festival 2015 as a performer, sparking his interest in composition. In 2018, he resumed his studies at the China Conservatory of Music, focusing on composition under the mentorship of Associate Professor Wang Jue. Sebastian's goal as a composer is to delve deeper into various musical cultures, idioms, and techniques, incorporating these diverse elements into his music.

Sebastian Ooi's work: 

Mujō 無常

for Alto Saxophone (7.5')


Ainolnaim Azizol

Ainolnaim Azizol (b.1987) is a Malaysian contemporary classical composer. He has written a range of compositions commissioned and premiered for various events such as Acht Brücken Musik Festival WDR3 Cologne, Germany, Asian Composers League Japan, New Recorder Music Festival Switzerland, 2nd MA/IN ~ Spaziomusica Italy, Linux Audio Conference University of Stanford US, Bristol Loudspeaker Orchestra (BULO) UK, Bristol New Music Festival UK, New York City Electroacousic Music Festival, to name a few. His artistic research explores the eco-culture soundmarks as a catalyst in amplifying Malay identity through the sound arts practice. Ainol is a MARA Scholar for Ph.D study at the University of Bristol in 2019 under Graduate Exellence Program (GrEP), curator for SPECTRA Electroacoustic Music Festival 2014 to present, SoundBytes Recital, MARA Laptop Orchestra, MARA Loudspeaker Orchestra and founder of Malaysia Electronic Music Lab (MEMLab) society. Currently he is a full-time academic staff at the Conservatory of Music, College of Creative Arts, Universiti Teknologi MARA and vice president of Malaysian Composers Collective (MCC). 



Ainolnaim Azizol's work: 

Miroirs of Malay Rebab: Menghadap Rebab

for Violoncello & Live Electronics (8')

Ensemble in Residence


Weird Aftertaste is an artist-driven new music collective that aspires to the sustainable performance of today’s best contemporary concert work. As advocates for the experimental, risky and non-commercial in sound, since its inception in 2021 the group has performed work not just by genre-defining stalwarts of new music, but also the work of young musical innovators both locally and abroad. Democratic in conception, the group eschews the vision of a single artistic director for the unbridled collective energies of its component artists.

Ticket Pricing


  • Student Member: S$5;

  • Student Non-Member: S$8

  • Full/Associate Member: S$8

  • Non-Member: S$15

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