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Avik Chari

Avik Chari (b. 1995) is a Singaporean-Indian composer of contemporary classical, progressive metal, and chill tropical lo-fi beats -anything not too mainstream so he can finally buy those hipster glasses he's always wanted to wear. Fiercely fascinated by all genres of music, his own works aim to contextualize contemporary classical music for the unacquainted, by utilizing timbres and sounds from other genres to emphasize relatability. Avik began his escapade into composition at the age of thirteen, where he wrote and transcribed parts for the guitarists and bassist in his band. He went on to write for chamber ensembles, incidental music for dramas, and edited sheet music for publishers. After a brief stint in the Singaporean military, he moved to Boston to formally study composition. Avik is a graduate of the Boston Conservatory, where he was awarded the Roger Sessions Memorial composition award and studied with Tina Tallon, Felipe Lara, Curtis Hughes and Eun Young Lee. His music has been performed by Transient Canvas, the Boston Conservatory Orchestra, the Eureka Ensemble, Sentient Robots, members of the Wet Ink Ensemble, LIGAMENT, ADDO Chamber Orchestra, the Boston Conservatory Choruses, and the Vertex Ensemble. Along with composition, Avik has a passion for music engraving and music library work. He currently serves as the music librarian for the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, and previously worked at the libraries of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Eureka Ensemble, Kendall Square Orchestra, and the Boston Conservatory at Berklee. An avid adventurer, Avik enjoys rock climbing, hiking, mountaineering, and the most challenging of all, clubbing. When not composing, engraving or adventuring, he enjoys exploring those rare quiet spots in the hustle and bustle of Singapore/Boston with his girlfriend, Navisha. Avik’s main aspirations are to create a video game audio company and finally create a soundtrack for his own life, all while converting his beautiful Minecraft home into a real one.

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