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Xiao Chunyuan

As one of the few Singaporean composers dedicated to writing art songs & song cycles, Chunyuan is a graduate of University Of West London, majoring in classical vocal and minoring in composition.

In his strive to push Singapore  works in the form of art songs and song cycles, he has collaborated with various poets in the form of English & Chinese languages, including  ex-National University Of Singapore Dean for English Language & Literature who is also cultural medallion recipient for the years 1979-1980 Professor Edwin Thumboo,   1996 Cultural Medallion recipient Madam Lew Poo Chan, 22nd COMPASS Artistic Excellence recipient Mr Yeo Poh Chuan, Professor Wong Yoon Wah,  Zhou Can and the late Mr Arthur Yap.

As a frequent independent music publisher, Xiao has published several of his music works into music publications, in either digital or physical copies.  Publications include Xiao Chunyuan’s Vocal Compositions Volume 1- Journey (song cycles & arts songs by poet Mr Yeo Poh Chuan, Chinese medium)) , Edwin Thumboo’s Poetic Songs: Vocal Compositions By Xiao Chunyuan (English art songs); Love’s Umbrella (song cycle for tenor & piano , Chinese  medium).

Currently, Xiao is assistant secretariat to Association Of Composers (Singapore) & is a full pledged member to Composers & Authors Society Of Singapore and Composers Society Of Singapore.

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