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26 Sep 2020

World premiere of ¿Rəsiliəncə! by Dr Robert CASTEELS

Catch the world premiere of ¿Rəsiliəncə!, a project conceived and directed by Dr. Robert CASTEELS, a CSS Full Member!

What is ¿Rəsiliəncə! About?

¿Rəsiliəncəsonically and visually echoes our individual responses to the sanitary, ontological and teleological crisis of COVID-19 that has affected all of us worldwide.

Resilience refers to our capacity to recover from difficulties and to our mental elasticity to spring back into new shapes. The fundamental message of this project is that resilience within the safety net of a strong social cohesion enables us to overcome the onslaught of a massive crisis that was damaging the very fabric of our lives. Hence, the inverted ?mark before and the !mark after this project’s title ¿Rəsiliəncə!

The artistic team: 

Robert CASTEELS, composer
Ewing TEJAS, film maker
Dennis SIM, percussionist
Roberto ALVAREZ, flautist
Bertram WEE, pianist
Sabrina ZUBER, mezzo-soprano
Verena TAY, writer
Sufri JUWAHIR, dance artist
YONG Kai Lin, violinist
GAO Yang, sound sculptor


When: Every Thu 8 PM (SGT) Oct & Nov 2020 
(1 Oct: only video and music; Nov 26, all musicians and video). All episodes remain accessible on the website.

There will be 9 episodes.

Duration: Episode 1, 5 & 9 each lasts 19 mins; all other episodes about 5 min each.

Banner picture is a screengrab of their website.