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Wang Chenwei

WANG Chenwei (王辰威), born 1988, is Head of Research and Education of the TENG Company, lecturer of composition at the National Institute of Education, Tonmeister of msm-productions (working as a recording engineer at the Victoria Concert Hall), as well as a member of the Composers and Authors Society of Singapore (COMPASS) and the Composers Society of Singapore.

After graduating from Raffles Institution’s Gifted Education Programme with 7 academic awards, Chenwei obtained his 5-year Master of Arts with distinction and an Honorary Award (Würdigungspreis) from the Vienna University for Music and Performing Arts, where he studied Composition and Audio Engineering under the Singapore Media Development Authority’s scholarship. He did an audio engineering internship in the Vienna Musikverein Golden Hall, where he also performed the Ruan in concert.

Chenwei’s music has been performed by the Singapore Chinese Orchestra yearly since 2005. Composed at the age of 17, his piece “The Sisters’ Islands” won the Singapore Composer Award at the 2006 Singapore International Competition for Chinese Orchestral Composition and was subsequently featured on CD albums by the Singapore Chinese Orchestra and the Taiwan Philharmonic Chinese Orchestra, as well as in the Singapore Symphony Orchestra’s inaugural National Day Concert in 2018.

In 2010, Chenwei’s wind orchestra composition received the Singapore Compose! prize from the Philharmonic Winds. He has been commissioned by the Ministry of Education to compose 4 pieces, including the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) set pieces “Sail” (2011) and “Sky” (2016).

His orchestral compositions were featured in charity concerts with Singapore President S.R. Nathan (2009) and President Tony Tan (2012) as the guest-of-honour. For all his contributions to the Singaporean music scene, Chenwei was conferred the “Young Outstanding Singaporeans Award” in 2011.

Chenwei has been featured on TV and several newspapers like the Straits Times and Lianhe Zaobao. On 12 May 2009, a half-hour documentary “Extraordinary People” on Channel 8 presented his ability to compose, conduct, play 12 musical instruments and speak and write in 12 languages.

王辰威 ,1988年生,新加坡鼟乐团(The TENG Company)研究教育部主任、新加坡国立教育学院(师范大学)作曲讲师、msm-productions 录音师,以及新加坡词曲版权协会、新加坡作曲家协会会员。




新加坡中英文电视及报章曾多次报道辰威,如2009年第八频道《星期二特写 – 不平凡的人》介绍辰威作曲、指挥、演奏12种乐器并书写12种文字。

Visit his website here / 请参阅网站:

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