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24 Jun 2020

The Best Way To Learn Is To Do: Unboxing New Music ft. Boon Hua Himself

Unboxing New Music by Lien Boon Hua returns tonight 10 PM: Boon Hua answers someone’s interview questions! This could be a good learning video for not just composers, but also any aspiring musician! We strongly recommend you all to tune in!

In Boon Hua’s own words:

Dear friends, I was recently sent some interview questions about my experiences and motivations as a conductor, and I thought it would be meaningful for the Unboxing New Music audience to share my journey from dropping out of music class in high school, to having the immense fortune working with some of the world’s greatest musicians.

So here it goes: [this] episode will be my story, Q&A, some reflections, and also some exciting news about the new instalment for Unboxing New Music in July! Please come join me at 10 PM SGT, and ask away any questions.