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20 Sep 2022

UnƧightly [Sound Poetry]

Deadline: 17 Oct 2022 (M)

UnƧightly [Sound Poetry] has a call for submissions! Submit an up-to-1-minute recitation of any sound poem (yours or someone else’s). A sound poem is word music with no meaning. Just languagey sound.

In honor of Hugo Ball (died September 14, 1927), creator of “Karawane,” (Cabaret Voltaire, 1916),
We are looking for Sound Poems, each up to 60 seconds in length.

If stuff like nonideational text, transmogrified by way of asemic recitation; sonic code transcendence; or setting ineffability to lyrics is your thing, then submit an original sound poem or a recitation.
(Sound Poetry is the absolute musicalization or sonification of the linguistic into non-verbal orality. Meaning is meaningful, experiential, auto-compositional but not lexical.)

Sound poetry occupies the overlap zone between music and speech. It seeks to capture the musicality of language free of any meaning. It is language abstracted to the point of not belonging to any language group or family. It approximates or appropriates the sounds of language; it may turn any sound into a sonic approximation of language.

Keep in mind that a continuous strand of “traditional” onomatopoeia does not constitute sound poetry (e.g. “POW KABOOM POP etc.”). These words can be part of a poem but should not constitute the whole thing.

Requirements and Submission Details 

For more submission requirements and the submission form, please read the Soundpedro website.

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