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Timothy Tan

Timothy Tan (timbretan) is an algorithmic sound artist who believes in sonifying the unheard. Ever since his first encounter with Gumowski-Mira maps in 2016, he has been playing with chaotic maps as algorithmic controls for spatialisation and timbres. Timothy uses audio particle systems to make the listening space as lively as visuals, and even self-develops his chaotic synths. Also a composer, he often grapples with themes of complex puzzles and megalomania, and is no stranger to dark, aggressive and ironic stories.

After finishing his MMus in Sonology (Computer Music and Sound Art) in The Hague (NL), Timothy Tan has returned to Singapore and now experiments with new technologies. His latest works include The Virtual Spatial Musical Instrument (The VSMI), a virtual reality (VR) sound installation; and The Double Double Pendula (The DDP), a sound installation based on two large Rott pendula. Timothy also does music consultancy work by creating software or music compositions for other people's installations, and sometimes does AV production and audio restoration work.

Visit his website here:

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