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Prof.Dr.Vee is a Music Information Technologist / Music Composer. Dr Vee R & D had revealed, that music composing, in the digital age, was transformed into ‘Musical Architecture Building’. It will help to compose any kind of world music including classical & modern. Dr Vee debut Instrumental Music album ‘Let’s Go Green’ released at 1999 and its live performance held at Chennai Museum Theatre, India. Dr.Vee had composed Music for International Award winning video documentary ‘Stagnation’ and Historical documentary ‘Poompuhar’. Currently Dr Vee is providing consultancy services for Music Related R & D projects, Music Composing and Music related workshops. Dr Vee had extensive inter-disciplinary research experience in Music, Music Information Technology, Archaeology, Ancient Tamil & Sanskrit texts. The Logic of Defreezing the Music from the Building Architecture, started from Vitruvius (80 -15 BC), and pursued by  Iannis Xenakis, among many others in the modern era, was finally discovered by Dr.Vee, which patented and published in SCI journal ‘Multimedia Tools and Applications – Springer‘  

  • On the discovery of ‘Musical Threads’ 

‘Musical Threads’ & ‘ MUXEL’ - A New Concept in Digital Music for Enhanced Aesthetics’ –  Like PIXEL in visual graphics, MUXEL in musical aural graphics, was the result of the convergence of the above discoveries with the  ‘Sruthi’ concept, and ‘MICROSOUND’. “It (Musical Threads) sounds potentially interesting. Best wishes on your interesting research” – Curtis Roads, Professor and Chair, Media Arts and Technology, University of California.  

  • On the discovery of ‘MUXEL’

  “The concept of “Muxel” as opposed to “Pixel” has undoubtly a creative potential, which is worth to be further developed.”- Comment from Robert Peck, Editor in Chief, Journal of Mathematics and Music, SCI Journal.  

  • On the discovery of the ‘Musical Phonetics in Tholkappiam’

“Very intriguing.  I hope all of this can become part of an emerging discipline of ‘Musical Linguistics’ “ – Prof.Noam Chomsky (Emeritus at the MIT) commented with respect to the discovery of ‘Musical Phonetics’ in TholkAppiam. Visit his website here:

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