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Weihan NG
Weihan NG

Weihan NG (b.2000), also known by her Catholic name Angela, is a Computing Sciences and Music student at the University of Glasgow. In the times she is not found musing with mathematics and music, she is a photographer, baker and writer by parts.

Weihan is most interested in composing music that explores tonality and timbre, as well as algorithmic and stochastic music. She takes pride in being an arts-science student who finds joy in learning the science of music. She also loves to write music based on self-written poems and photographs that she has captured. These works are quiet introspections (though arguably noisy too!) of her otherwise hectic life.
Her 2017 - 2018 compositions on life evinced vulnerability and outbursts of raw emotions as she questions the true purpose of life and the value of materialistic achievements. These works were well-received and have seen their premieres and performances in the United States, the United Kingdom as well as back home in Singapore.
Most recently, she found greater joy and meaning in composing sacred choral music after conducting her choir back in her Singapore parish in 2019. Later in the year, she spent some time with the Chant Schola in the university before joining the St Peter's Catholic Church choir. There, she had not only picked up singing techniques, but also the Pipe Organ. The nascence of sacred music found her peace in life.
Weihan endeavours to pursue her interest in Computer Music and New Music alongside her academic studies and hopes to delve into the beauty of interdisciplinary studies.
Visit her website here: angelangweihan.wordpress.com