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Weihan NG
Weihan NG
Weihan, otherwise also known as Angela, is a Computing Science and Music student at the University of Glasgow. "Aren't music and computing science really disparate subjects?" she is often asked. Certainly, she finds great joy in interdisciplinary studies. Pursuing her interests in contrasting fields has enabled her to not only see the interconnectedness of various fields our society, but also how the knowledge in each of these fields interweave to form a complete whole.

Musically, Weihan is most interested in composing music that explores tonality and timbre, as well as algorithmic and stochastic music. She takes pride in being an arts-science student who finds joy in learning the science of music. She also loves to write music based on self-written poems and photographs that she has captured. These works are quiet introspections (though arguably noisy too!) of her otherwise hectic life. Most lately, three compositions of hers were published in the University of California (Los Angeles) Music Library under the 2020 Kaleidoscope call for scores. She has also had her research in Music as Medicine published in the Stanford Journal of Science, Technology and Society by Stanford University and was also invited to present her research in the Let’s Talk About [X] academic conference by the University of Glasgow.

Her career in Technology, on the other hand, is defined by her enriching experiences with various agencies. Weihan first delved into robotics through her internship with AIS Cube (Singapore) in JC, where she had the opportunity to teach the basics of robotics to secondary school students. After her Singapore-Cambridge 'A' Levels, she joined DSO National Laboratories as a research intern, and in her 2nd year of university, Morgan Stanley as a Spring Intern. These experiences have shown her the applications of technology in the real-world.

As described by her university lecturers as being “an articulate, ambitious and self-driven student”, Weihan is also a recipient of multiple Ministry of Education (Singapore) Edusave Awards, the Defence Science and Technology Junior College Scholarship, the Radboud University Scholarship for Summer Exchange and the University of Glasgow GoAbroad Scholarship. She currently holds the positions of President of the Glasgow University Tech Society and Treasurer and Sponsorships Director of the United Kingdom Singapore Students’ Council.

With an inquisitive mind, Weihan hopes to pursue a career in research.

Visit her website here: http://ngweihanangela.com/