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Weird Aftertaste #7: PINKFEST EDITION!


Featuring works by Pauline Oliveros, Julius Eastman, Alex Paxton, Benjamin Britten and Caroline Shaw.

Step into a pole studio and tune into the sound of the world with weird aftertaste. Enter psychedelic soundscapes. Become one with meditative grooves. Bear witness to dramatic soliloquies. Find common breath as a community and join us in the collective act of sounding and listening through a series of participatory pieces (non-musicians VERY welcome!) by sonic visionary Pauline Oliveros. And then experience the unyielding monolith of sound that is composer-renegade Julius Eastman’s polemical Gay Guerrilla.

Artist Biography:

weird aftertaste is an artist-driven music collective that exists as a platform in Singapore for today’s best contemporary concert work. Advocates for the experimental, risky and non-commercial in sound, the group’s no-holds-barred approach to programming has led to performances of work not just by genre-defining stalwarts of new music, but also the lesser explored music of young innovators and quiet visionaries both locally and abroad.

Date: Jun 24 2023 (Sat) 6:30pm

Venue: SLAP Dance Studio (Robinson Road)

Tickets: $25

You can book your tickets here:



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