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weird aftertaste #4

8 May 2022 (Su) 7:30PM Dance Studio, Victoria Concert Hall

Tickets: $30/pax, $50/pair EARLY BIRB PRICING – $25 (until end of april)

feat. christoven tan, junsian chee, daniel yiau, michellina chan, lynette yeo, bertram wee

the music of composer/musician/filmmaker/comic-artist adam de la cour is wonderfully impolite, dealing with notions of absurdity, experimentation and satire: this includes pieces for clown (10! Sock!, They always pick on me) and “fake conjoined twins” – pianists linked with bondage cuffs (Con-Join). his irreverent L’exorcisme du Momo is a bloodthirstily virtuoso musical “exorcism” after antonin artaud’s notorious radio play, Pour en Finir avec le Judgement de Dieu.

the show ends with his epic The Real Imaginary Framed Existence of Ringhead and Loon – a gorgeous 50-something-page labyrinth of musical chunks, abstract shapes, found objects, and bizarre graphics, presented in the form of a comic book.

rarely heard outside of europe and the UK (let alone local soil), you won’t want to miss this!


ADAM DE LA COUR: 10! sock! H they always pick on me l’exorcisme du mômo con-join block the real imaginary framed existence of ringhead and loon


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