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We Are Music - Book Launch by John Sharpley

The CSS would like to share Dr. John Sharpley's book launch of his new work We Are Music, An Existential Journey Toward Infinity.

Date: 23rd Feb 2024 (Fri)

Venue: LASALLE College of the Arts, Ngee Ann Kongsi Library Smart Room


(kindly offered by Dr. John Sharpley)

What is music?

Modern society has come to view music largely as entertainment and commodity. In response, We Are Music: An Existential Journey Towards Infinity provides the reader with a holistic starting point. Music has unlimited potential to transform and enlighten, and is only impeded when bound by materialism, physicalism and reductionism. We Are Music is an attempt to bring music back to the core of humanity as an agent of positive empowerment, self-actualisation and beyond.

Embracing interconnectivity, music is more deeply experienced alongside the arts, science, social sciences, math, philosophy, history, and, above all, spirituality. An endless spiral, self-perception and identity can be vastly expanded, if not questioned and transcended.

Music is an infinite field and any attempt to define and describe it is problematically finite and consequently limited. Herein lies the impossibility of my book which both excites and disturbs; the paradox of being and not being.

A road-map for music lovers towards self-realization, We Are Music is for those who desire to delve deeper into the power and illusion of self through music.



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