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Visiting Artist Series: Beyond Borders (Foo Mei Yi)

Forum: Steven Baxter Recital Studio Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music 18 Feb 2020 (Tu) 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM

Concert: Orchestral Hall Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music 18 Feb 2020 (Tu) 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Foo Mei Yi, presenter and piano

About This Event

Composers from neighbours Singapore and Malaysia explore commonalities and diversities in creative ideas and styles, going past physical, social and historical boundaries at this forum and concert.

UK-based Malaysian pianist Mei Yi Foo will bring the two cultures together in a unique contemporary piano recital. The programme will feature works by YST faculty Chen Zhangyi, Chow Jun Yan, Adeline Wong together with composers from the Composers Society of Singapore – Hoh Chung Shih, Joyce Koh and Americ Goh, as well as Lee Chie Tsang and Samuel Cho from Malaysia.

About the Forum

During the forum, Mei Yi Foo and the composers will illuminate on their work and artistic approach, and offer insight into how the creative process can transcend all barriers tangible and intangible. This meeting of minds hopes to bring greater understanding into how art transcends the limitations life brings.

Concert Programme

Chen Zhangyi – Clima (2018) Samuel Cho – Vatni (2019) Chow Jun Yan – In the Absence of Silence (2019) Americ Goh – black or white or red (with a tinge of white and blue)? (2019) Hoh Chung Shih – Reef Weave (2019) Joyce Koh – la pierre magenta (2000) Joyce Koh – Piano Peals (2002) Lee Chie Tsang – Sympathetic [re]sonance (2015) Adeline Wong – Herringbone (2018)

About Foo Mei Yi

Winner of the BBC Best Newcomer of the Year award, Mei Yi Foo dazzled critics and audiences at the BBC Music Magazine Awards 2013 with her ‘liberating’ and ‘virtuoso display’ (The Times). Her recent debut at the Lucerne Festival was voted ‘Highlight of the Year’ by SRF and she continues to captivate audiences across Europe, the Americas and Asia. Since winning the Maria Callas Grand Prix’08 in Athens, Mei Yi has transformed from ‘a pianist to watch’ (BBC Radio 3) to a ‘rising star’ (International Piano Magazine), and according to a recent review on The Arts Desk, David Nice writes, ‘her genius is now unquestionable’. Learn more about Foo Mei Yi here.



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