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Two Songs and a Story by Checkpoint Theatre [Online]

Online via SISTIC Live Stream 6-31 Aug 2020 (Th-M) Tickets from SGD15 at SISTIC (excl. SGD1 ticketing fee) Each ticket grants you personal access to the videos for 72 hours, starting from the ticket date.

This pandemic has shaken us and shaped us. Caught in a never-ending present, what arises when we confront ourselves and each other?

Birthed from times of isolation, Two Songs and a Story blends music with storytelling in this online video series of five solo performances. Watch and hear the stirring original monologues and music of ants chua, Inch Chua, Jo Tan, Rebekah Sangeetha Dorai, and weish, as they weave a multifaceted portrait of strength and fragility, peace and disruption.

Directed and dramaturged by Huzir Sulaiman in collaboration with Joel Lim, Two Songs and a Story is a moving and life-affirming exploration of vulnerability, loneliness, and the power of human connection.



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