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Strings of Sound Poems by timbretan and Hoh Chung Shih

Esplanade Concourse 30-31 Oct 19 (W-Th) 7:00 PM and 8:00 PM Each session 30 min

A collaboration between artist Timothy Tan (timbretan) and composer-performer Hoh Chung Shih, experience the audio-visual poetry of the solo guqin, in which the sounds of the traditional Chinese instrument intersect with live visual projections!

About Timothy Tan (timbretan) timbretan is an artist who believes in articulating the obscure. He often grapples with themes of complex puzzles and megalomania, and is no stranger to dark, aggressive and ironic stories. Past works include Cells #2 for audio-visuals that involve an obscure chaotic system, and The Double Double Pendula (The DDP) installation. He has been experimenting with visuals and immersive media to help people rediscover the joy of wonder, especially in The Virtual Spatial Musical Instrument (The VSMI) where he experiments with virtual reality.

About Hoh Chung Shih Hoh Chung Shih is a composer from Singapore with an international presence with commissions and requests from Asia, Europe and America. He is also a guqin player. His study of the ancient Chinese qin music led him to an in-depth study of Chinese literati culture. Consequently, his interest in composition can be described as an exploration of a double intersection—one between the avant-garde and the experimental, and the other between the international contemporary and traditional Chinese literati cultures. Hoh is also a sound artist who works in interdisciplinary collaborations with MLuM, an international artist collective.



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