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Sonic Rituals

26 – 29 May 2022 (Th – Su) Th & F: 6PM / 6:30PM / 9.30PM / 10PM Sa: 5PM / 5:30PM / 6PM / 6:30PM / 9.30PM / 10PM Su: 5PM / 5:30PM / 6PM / 6:30PM

Esplanade Annexe Studio, L2 30 mins (no intermission)

Tickets: $15

A troubled musician finds herself stuck in a loop of anxiety, burdened by an incessant need to constantly produce work to stay relevant. We see her living quarters in shambles: Noisy, messy and inhospitable, much like her mind, body and spirit. A moment’s pause causes all to shatter, forcing her out of inertia and into a state of healing.

Inspired by the Javanese concept of sedulur papat limå pancer—a reminder of one’s origins and the importance of harmonising these elements in oneself — Sonic Rituals is a sensorial journey created to help lost souls centre themselves in a time of disillusionment. Immerse yourself in this music installation and performance experience, guided through the stations that mark each point of the story.

Conceptualised by musician Rosemainy BUANG and co-created with Zachary CHAN, this experience will feature live music by the artist, accompanied by musician Syafiq HALID, alongside visuals by Zachary CHAN and Eric LEE with set design by Irfan KASBAN.



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