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Songs of the Dragon Kiln 龙窑陶乐 by Ding Yi Music Company [Online]

SISTIC Live Stream 30 May 2021 (Su) 7.30 PM – 6 Jun 2021 (Su) 11:59 PM SGD 12 (excl. SGD1.00 SISTIC Booking Fee)

Songs of the Dragon Kiln is back by popular demand, specially for Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre’s Cultural Extravaganza 2021! This multidisciplinary experience premiered in 2017 to critical acclaim, with its seamless blend of documentary film and pottery with Chinese chamber music.

Ding Yi reprises this unique concert to kick-off a new concert series, Voices of the Disappearing Future, shining a spotlight one of Singapore’s fast-fading heritage – the Dragon Kiln. This showcase features music by Singaporean composer Dr Zechariah GOH.


鼎艺团将为这音乐会赋予新乐章,衍生出全新系列《消失的未来》。将要熄灭的龙窑焰光,在悠悠乐曲中重燃苏醒,回忆新加坡当年龙窑的风采。 这场演出将呈现新加坡作曲家吴多才博士的音乐。



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