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Song of The Heart Songwriting Project for Youths-at-Risk

Every Monday 4.30 – 6PM, spanning 12 weeks from 30 Jan 2023 – 17 Apr 2023

Location: TBC, likely at YGOS’ Centre in Ang Mo Kio

Song of The Heart aims to use music as an alternative medium for at-risk youths to express their thoughts and emotions, where they might have otherwise found it difficult to do so. The project endeavours to encourage these youths to reflect on their feelings and build self-confidence through music-making. We will be partnering with Youth Guidance Outreach Services (YGOS) for this project. Youth Harmony is currently looking for 5 more volunteer mentors to assist in their songwriting project.

Role of mentors:

  • Engage the at-risk youths and guide them through their reflections

  • Teaching the basics of songwriting (guide the youths to break down their favourite songs to learn more about the nuts and bolts of the songs, as well as the larger idea behind the song and how the songs could be interpreted)

  • Further develop the songs after the at-risk youths have provided the skeleton (adding harmony, arrangement etc.)

  • Perform together with the youths at the end (if possible)



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