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SIFA 2021: Healing Rhapsody 回疫录 by Ding Yi Music Company [Online]

*This concert has been modified to be presented digitally in view of the current COVID-19 situation.

SIFA on Demand 5 Jun 2021 (Sa) – 20 Jun 2021 (Su)

Our collective battle over the past year has led many of us on a journey of reflection, realisation and even inspiration. This concert by Ding Yi Music Company is a personal meditation and a work of collective memory, expressing the group’s heartfelt wishes for the world, including a message to Mother Nature and a blessing for humanity.



Joyce KOH (许美端) (CSS Full Member)Isskimmer Benjamin LIM (林亿) – Memory CHOW Junyi (赵俊毅) – Zen Thoughts LUO Mai Shuo (罗麦朔) – Compassion (Commissioned for this performance) WANG Yun Fei (王云飞) – Bohdi



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