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SCO Composer Workshop 2020 新加坡华乐团作曲工作坊 2020

SCO will be organising a two-day Composer Workshop in March 2020. SCO Composer Workshop aims to provide a stimulating environment for aspiring young composers to discover and develop their fullest composition potential.

The theme for the workshop is “Movie Music Composition”. Registration is now open till 15 Jul 2019 (M).

We welcome all young composers who are 35 years old and below and are Singaporeans or non-Singaporean students residing in Singapore to participate.

A series of events will be held, including “Hollywood Film Scoring” conducted by Dr Norman Ludwin on 22 Aug 2019 (Th) at 7.30 PM.


新加坡华乐团作曲工作坊2020将以电影音乐为主题,鼓励凡是35岁以下的新加坡人或在新加坡就读的学生,有兴趣的青年作曲家踊跃报名参加。 截止日期是7月15日(一)。

新加坡华乐团已安排一系列节目,包括在2019年8月22日晚上7点半至9点半的好莱坞电影音乐创作讲座(主讲:Dr Norman Ludwin)。欢迎有兴趣者出席。



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