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19 Mar 2022 (Sa) Esplanade Recital Studio 4:30PM 1 hour (No Intermission)

Tickets: $20 (Limited concessions for students, NSFs, seniors, PWDs: $15)

Presented by Traditional Malay Music Consortium In Collaboration with Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay as part of Pentas

See the evolution of Malay music through four stages that represent the learning journey towards further exploration in Malay music.

  • Stage One: Where it all begins. Anchored by a solid foundation, musicians begin learning and synergising.

  • Stage Two: The exploration stage, wherebold steps are taken towards new sounds and nuances.

  • Stage Three: Experimentation of music and musical instruments. Reforming, reshaping and assimilation of outside influences.

  • Stage Four: Reflection and hope.

Through the process, musicians will experience these four stages through original pieces composed and arranged by Syed Ridwan and Alhafiz Jamat.



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