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Recipe for Sweet Sounds [Online]

Premiere on 30 Aug 2020 (Su) 8 PM Esplanade Offstage (Available online until 7 Sep 2020 (M) 12 PM)

What stories do recipes tell?

Embedded in recipes are cultures, indigenous ingredients, seasonings or the lack thereof. Celebrating all things Singapore, join Sze Min and Zai’En as they tell these untold stories of recipes in the style of a cooking show. Recipes for Sweet Sounds is a 30-minute discourse about food, looking at music-making as a way to share and interpret cooking experiences. Listen in as they dig up cookbooks of old served with a side of sweet sounds.

About Artwave Studio

Artwave Studio collaborates and produces fresh experiences through music and sound. Their work can be found in installations and performances across Singapore. Recent projects include Podscape for National Arts Council’s Arts in Your Neighbourhood and Poems on Air for #buysinglit2020.

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