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RawGround: Reference by RAW Moves [Online]

Online at (live on 28 Nov 2020 (Sa) 12:00 PM SGT) 28 Nov 2020 (Sa) 12:00 PM (SGT) – 13 Dec 2020 (Su) 11:59 PM (SGT) (Free to watch)

References are the frameworks through which we develop several different facets of our lives – ourselves, others, the past and the present. It is through the dictates of our referential frameworks that we are able to make meaning of and participate in personal, cultural, and national discourses. This vignette of 12 works touches on ‘Inclusivity’, ‘Empowerment’, and ‘Sensing’ – all of which interrogate various points of reference including memory, heritage, culture, and technology.

RawGround: Reference features original research, performances, and recordings by Akanksha RAJA, Aneesha SHETTY, CHOK Si Xuan, Christoven TAN, Edward TAN, LEE En Jie, Matthew GOH, Melyn CHOW, Stephanie YOONG, Timothy TAN (CSS Full Member) and Titisa JEAMSAKUL (Ice).

Programme Order (Hourly Launch) for 28 Nov 2020

12:00 – My Pa’s Colors by Titisa JEAMSAKUL (Ice) 13:00 – A Whimsical World by Stephanie Rae YOONG 14:00 – It’s Hard to Explain by Akanksha RAJA 15:00 – The Board by Matthew GOH 16:00 – Faces by LEE En Jie 17:00 – Displaced Mathematics Articulated by Timothy TAN (CSS Full Member) 18:00 – Mimos: Extended Bindings by Aneesha SHETTY 19:00 – you and i by CHOK Si Xuan 20:00 – Tea Party by LEE En Jie 21:00 – Changi 10th Milestone by Edward TAN 22:00 – BLIP by Christoven TAN 23:00 – To hold & to have by Melyn CHOW

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