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Project 2020 – A Contemporary Introspection of the Pandemic

16 Jan 2022 (Su) 7:30PM Esplanade Recital Studio 1 hour (No Intermission)

Tickets: $25 (Standard) | $20 (Students, NSF, Senior Citizens)

Project 2020, an inaugural concert by the Nanyang Collective, presents a coalescence of artistic disciplines – from newly-commissioned contemporary works to spectacular multimedia design and stage theatrics. The Nanyang Collective constituted by the plethora of Asian and Western instruments aims to embody a contemporary soundscape that is uniquely Singapore. Each movement presented in this concert is a chronological introspection of the pandemic. During this period, the deprivation of social interactions led to many seeking solace in technology. Innumerable sacrifices were made as we accustomed to the mundanity of daily statistics. The pandemic impeded the lives of many, surfacing and heightening prevalent social issues. This was an undeniable period of introspection for humans. However, as we enter this phase of an endemic, we believe that there is a light at the end of this tunnel. Project 2020 aims to evoke a sanguine acceptance – shedding new light on not only living in an endemic, but the recognition of contemporary works.


The Nanyang Collective

Dedric WONG, Music Director LIM Chin Huat, Stage Director Niranjan PANDIAN, Indian Flutist Syafiqah ‘ADHA SALLEHIN, Accordionist Jacky NG, Suona musician CHUA Yew Kok, Pipa musician NG Wei Ping, Violinist Eugene TOH, Percussionist KANG Chun Meng, Euphonist

NG Pei-Sian, Guest Soloist (Cellist)


CHONG Kee Yong Inception Eric WATSON Isolation Avik CHARI Introspection KONG Zhi Xuan Inevitability CHONG Kee Yong Incandescence

Featuring the music of CSS Members Avik CHARI and Eric WATSON!



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