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Post Concert: Forum for Young Composers – Showcase Concert

Composing is living activity! The 12th June 2016 Concert of the Forum for Young Composers’ Society was a memorable event for the young composers and their families, musicians and our composers’ society. We witnessed new music from fourteen budding composers aged between ten and twenty, who have worked hard over a nine-month period. They learnt about instruments of different traditions (bansuri/ Chinese flutes, clarinet, gambus, violin and cello), thought about the ensemble sounds, composed, revised, prepared parts, and put themselves forward for this platform.

The Forum consisted of three sessions. The first, ‘Meet the Musicians’ session on 24 January 2016 introduced the young composers to the musicians and their instruments. The musicians were Tan Qing Lun, Mohammad Firdaus, Colin Tan, Chen Chiamin and Bingling Wu. The second, ‘Reading Workshop’ took place three months later on 17 April when the submitted pieces were worked through. Under the guidance of Mr Clarence Tan, music director and Dr Robert Casteels, composer mentor, the composers received comments and points to consider for revision. After the ‘Reading Workshop’, the composers refined their compositions up until the start of rehearsal on 9 June.

The open outlook and serious attitude of the composers are commendable, and it has been inspiring for us to work on this Forum together. May the composers feel enriched by this working process, build from the experience and continue to compose.

We hope that the platform has aroused compositional interest in the youths of Singapore and engaged meaningfully with music communities, students and members of the public.

Congratulations again to the composers on their new works!

Dr Joyce Beetuan Koh President of CSS (February 2014 – April 2016)

Back row: Clarence, Abbi Chow, Avirk Chari, Zanjia, Natasha Ureyang, Wang Du Yu, Shanya Toh, Alysia Lim, Toh Yan Ee, Lim Han Quan, Ong Lin Wei, Joyce Beetuan Koh, Robert Casteels Front row: Tan Qing Lun, Colin Tan, Kang Jing Xun, Firdaus Mohammad, Chen Chiamin, Bingling Wu



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