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Panic Love: a capella Opera

31 Jan 2021 (Su) 8:00 PM – 8:30 PM Online Post-Concert Talk at ZOOM via link in organisers’ website

The aftermath of the circuit breaker on relationships – this is the premise behind Panic Love. The world’s first opera about social distancing during the pandemic.

A first in Singapore in fusing poetry, a capella and opera.

This 22-minute music video, directed by veteran thespian Nora SAMOSIR, features libretto by poet Felix CHEONG and music by composer CHEN Zhangyi, Panic Love revolves around Mariam (soprano WONG Yong En), a social distancing enforcer during the circuit breaker period.

Finicky by nature, Mariam fines people who don’t wear masks or keep one metre apart. But her fastidiousness takes an ironic turn when the same rules prevent her from seeing her dying mother (soprano NG Jingyun) in a nursing home.

The music video also features CHONG Wai Lun, Daniel CHONG and Samuel NG as the Greek chorus.

This groundbreaking music video is produced by Poco Productions in conjunction with The Floating Folks.

Panic Love is supported by the National Arts Council’s Digital Presentation Grant under its #SGCultureAnywhere initiative.



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