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OpusNovus: Through Time & Space

YST Conservatory Orchestra Hall 18 November 2018 (Su) 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM< OpusNovus/strong>

  • Mauricio Kagel – 10 Marches To Miss the Victory

  • Enno Poppe – Brot

  • Younghi Pagh-Paan – Die Insel Schwimmt

  • Pascal Dusapin (1955-) – Quatuor III (1992)

  • John Cage – Three Dances

  • Morton Feldman – Durations III

  • Edgard Varèse – Octandre

Join OpusNovus, the Conservatory’s contemporary music ensemble in their final concert this semester.

The first half of this programme features composers associated to Europe. Beginning with Argentine-German composer Kagel, whose music is often filled with humour, sarcasm and theatre, as in 10 Marches To Miss the Victory, which is essentially a parody of military marches. German composer Enno Poppe’s Brot (bread) grooves with nuances that are almost akin to modern jazz, and the intensity of the musical texture gradually rises to a point that borders on hyperactivity. In contrast, Korean-German composer Pagh-Paan’s poetic Die Insel Schwimmt takes on a delicate quality, while the French composer Dusapin’s exquisite and substantial third string quartet would be divided amongst two string quartets.

In the ‘American’ second half, one can expect gamelan-inspired rhythms through Cage’s Three Dances for two prepared pianos, and Feldman’s spacious Durations III. The concert concludes with Varèse’s iconic Octandre of almost a century ago, but it remains nonetheless refreshing.



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