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Ocean’s Delight ft. Theemptybluesky Collective

Esplanade Outdoor Theatre 5 Jun 2019 (W) 7:15 PM – 8:00 PM and 8:30 PM – 9:15 PM (two sets) Free admission

Ocean’s Delight is a multidisciplinary project centring on both visual and musical elements. The performance aims to frame thoughts into portraits, where the artists cast away their beings and let consciousness wash them ashore. The three artists perform various roles throughout in preparation and performance, bringing to light the beauty of the everyday in a multisensory experience.

About the artist Theemptybluesky Collective is an eclectic group of collaborative minds and individuals that aim to blur the boundaries of disciplines and genres through a focus on synergy and integration. Emilea Teo is an emphatic photographer and visual artist who indulges in poignant and reflective pieces of writing. Sal Seah writes, paints and makes films, while composing hip hop influenced tracks. Mervin Wong is a sonic alchemist and Theemptybluesky himself.

What are the chosen objects and why? Our favourite book is Emilea’s diary. Emilea will be writing her diary during the performance in a stream of consciousness, reflecting another one of the stimuli in H2O. With this presence of water looming over the work, a living thing under the sea might present itself in the course of the performance.



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