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NUSCO 《三月天 · 系 Connections》

Singapore Conference Hall 24 March 2018 (Sa) 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM National University of Singapore Chinese Orchestra (NUSCO)

The National University of Singapore’s Chinese Orchestra (NUSCO) will perform Robert Casteels’ Symphony No. 3, Op. 55 (2006), and Wang Chenwei’s zhongruan concerto The Sisters’ Islands 《姐妹岛》 (2005), as part of their 2018 concert 《三月天 · 系 Connections》.

This concert will also feature Law Wai Lun’s The Celestial Web 《天网》 (2003). Law Wai Lun returns to the Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO) as the Composer-in-Residence from July 2018.

Read more about Robert Casteels’ Symphony No. 3 and Wang Chenwei’s The Sisters’ Islands 《姐妹岛》. Do also read about Law Wai Lun.



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