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Notes from ACL Philippines 2015

Wonderful news, our Singapore Bertram Wee won the 2nd prize of the Asian Composers’ League Manila 2015 Festival (Theme:Likha-Likas, reconfiguring Music, Nature and Myth) in November 2015. His ‘Love Song’s for piano, cello and violin was well received and we are very very happy for his achievement.

In addition to this highlight, we have 6 other works by Singapore composers presented at this festival.

  • John Sharpley The Secret of Death, piano and voice

  • Bernard Lee 4 Canvases of Soo Pieng, for symphonic band

  • Alicia de Silva Stone, Sand and Darkness, for Oboe, Clarinet, Violin, Cello and Piano

  • Joyce Beetuan Koh Graffiti II, for dancers

  • Eric Rubio Circus, for piano and voice

  • Robert Casteels Sälapa, septet opus 102 for plahing, reciting, gesturing, singing, dancing and ambulating performer

Our Composers Society of Singapore is part of the Asian Composers’ League, and NAC was one of our main supporters when we hosted the festival in 2013!

Bertram Wee (Singapore) won 2nd Prize of ACL Festival Manila 2015 Young Composer Prize

4th from left – Alicia de Silva (Singapore) presented her work “Stone, Sand and Darkness for Oboe, Clarinet, Violin, Cello and Piano” at Chamber Music Concert of ACL Festival Manila 2015

Bernard Lee Kah Hong (Singapore) presented his work ‘4 Canvasses of Soo Pieng’ with the University of Philippines Symphonic Band

John Sharpley, Bertram Wee, Joyce Beetuan Koh, Lynette, Robert Casteels, Alicia de Silvia (absent – Bernard Lee and Eric Rubio)

At the General Assembly on 5 November. Chief Delegates of ACL. First front row from left is Dr Maria Christine Muyco, who is the director and host of this festival.

Keynote speaker Chinary Ung and violist Susanne Ung at Tribute concert on 5 November – remembering the musical towers of Asia: Francisco F. Feliciano (Philippines, 1941-2014), Ma Shui-Long (Taiwan, 1939-2015), Slamet A. Sjukur (Indonesia, 1935-2015) and Jack Body (NZ, 1944-2015)



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