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NGS ART + LIVE: Resonates With featuring B-L Duo

Online at National Gallery Singapore (NGS)’s Facebook page 25 Jul 2020 (Sa) 2:30 PM – 3 PM

This edition of Resonates With features B-L Duo, who will present a series of pieces inspired by 浮槎 Fú Chá, a monumental kinetic artwork that artist Cao Fei created for the Ng Teng Fong Roof Garden Gallery at NGS.

Kinetic artworks draw the audience into a fleeting, ephemeral moment of fantasy. They draw viewers into the work’s self-contained universe, with their movements coaxing the spectator to engage with ever-changing perspectives.

The pieces that B-L Duo (Bertram WEE and Lynette YEO) have chosen to perform reflect the qualities of kinetic artworks the compositions eschew traditional musical syntax and spiral in place, creating unique experiences of circular time. In the first piece after gravity, David Lang builds a weightless sculpture in sound – “a kind of structure that would keep the music from landing anywhere, or at least put the landing off as long as I could.” In contrast, the second piece for melodicas by Weston Olencki features geometric chunks of synthesized sound that are textured by acoustic melodicas. Finally, B-L Duo will also premiere a new work, discoloured slab of meat by Bertram Wee that uses the violence of denatured pianos to construct a monolithic, imposing kinetic structure of sound.

The performance will be broadcasted online via NGS’ Facebook page on 25 Jul 2020 (Sa) at 2.30 PM. A recording of the performance will be available on NGS’ YouTube page following the live session.

This programme is made possible thanks to a collaboration between NGS and CSS.


B-L Duo (Bertram WEE, Lynette YEO), midi-keyboards/melodicas

  • David Lang – after gravity

  • Weston Olencki – for melodicas

  • Bertram Wee – discoloured slab of meat (World Premiere)

About Resonates With

Resonates With is a monthly music showcase at the Padang Atrium, typically held on the last Saturday of the month.


Art + Live is a series of online programmes focusing on movement, music and literature.

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