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New Sights – Celebrating Intercultural Harmony

New Sights is a Fellowship Programme designed for composers by The Straits Ensemble to create new intercultural works of music, with a focus on the process towards creation. Fellows go through a rigorous programme of talks, performances, lectures, site visits and mentorship. They will then premiere their compositions with The Straits Ensemble.

Featured fellows/composers: Gu Wei, Germaine Goh, Jazreel Low, Tan Tiag Yi, Ong Ping Din and Chan Xin Tong.

The Straits Ensemble is a musical collective that champions Singapore cultural music exchanges, influenced by the ever-changing global music landscape and jazz sensibilities. With an instrumentation that embodies' Singapore's cultural sound, The Straits Ensemble navigates the rich tapestry of Singapore's heritage and taps on a global kampung spirit to celebrate diversity. Playing a repertoire of original compositions, reimagined folk tunes and more, the ensemble's range of expression run from tender nuances to high energy, driving rhythms.

Date: Aug 25 2023 (Fri) 8:00PM Venue: Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre

You can book your tickets here:



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