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Nagoya City University: EMS17 Conference

4-8 September 2017

EMS17 Conference Theme: Communication in/through Electroacoustic Music.

The conference theme considers cultural/intercultural communication in/through electroacoustic music. Communication is possible among people who share certain common bases such as language, logic, sense, perception, listening contexts, etc. What are the common bases for electroacoustic music? How are these manifested in intercultural situations? Topics concerning technical application within electroacoustic music regarding communication systems such as interaction, telematics, SNS etc. are also welcomed.

Other paper themes are welcome concerning any topics within the field of electroacoustic music studies. For example, presentations can be given on research on electroacoustic music history, aesthetics, analysis of a piece, social aspects, terminology, taxonomy, sound ecology, genres and styles, pedagogy, research trends, etc.



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