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Musical Soundbites: Samuel and the Saxophone

8 Sep 2021 (W), 8:00 PM Online at SSO’s Facebook Page

Join young saxophone extraordinaire Samuel PHUA as he brings you on an exploratory adventure into the euphonious world of the saxophone and the mysteries of composition. Samuel will share his unabashed passion for saxophones, demystifying the enigmatic instrument with a showcase of his favourite tunes.

Samuel will also sit with Singaporean composers to discuss the art of music writing, diving into some of their pieces with their insights. Be ready to hear from composers such as Jonathan SHIN, CHEN Zhangyi, Terrence WONG, Syafiqah ‘ADHA SALLEHIN, and Zechariah GOH, to learn their thoughts and inspirations behind pieces such as “Life by the River” and “The Malay Wedding”. Tune in to SSO’s Facebook page on 9, 15 & 16 Sep to hear their stories.

Featuring CSS Members Assoc Prof HO Chee Kong, NG Yu Hng, Derek OH, and Yuting TAN!

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