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Love! Be: Sing; by SYC Ensemble Singers

Victoria Concert Hall 24 Aug 19 (Sa) 7:30 PM

SYC Ensemble Singers (dir. Jennifer Tham)

Love began in a loop, a spiral, a snake eating its own tail. Love closes overhead loud and rude, its odor seeping into skin until we repeat its name repeat its name repeat its name, turning frenzied in Dyrud’s and Donati’s musical circles, writing incantations with footsteps.

We give it shape — Janson’s chant and Underhill’s moonstruck melodies that smell of 500 years ago — but shapes turn under the light and in the shadow — Emily Koh’s birdcall-like nursery rhymes will prove that much.

Strip love down. Myriad forms of devotion: we’ll sing it all. We’ll keep running, obsessed, hearts skipping and pounding in time to how it all sounds. Come into the space, even if only for a minute.



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