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[London, UK] A Rojak Night of Music

1901 Arts Club 7 Exton Street Waterloo LONDON SE1 8UE 26 – 27 Feb 2020 (W-Th) 7:30 PM (GMT) Tickets: GBP15

Benjamin Wong, vocals Li Churen, piano Windson Lion, vocals

3 unique individuals, 3 different musical disciplines, 1 common Singaporean identity bound together by the love of music.

Join award-winning classical pianist, Li Churen, classical countertenor and musical theatre crossover singer, Benjamin Wong, as well as musical theatre singer, Windson Liong, as they bring you an eclectic rojak evening of music and songs, celebrating new and classic works of Singaporean composers (Chen Zhangyi, Jonathan Shin, Syafiqah ‘Adha Sallehin and Phang Kok Jun) across different genres, such as classical, opera, musical theatre, folk and pop.

The word Rojak means ‘eclectic mix’ in colloquial Malay and also refers to a fruit salad dish.

Nota Bene: This event is not held in Singapore, but in London, UK.

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