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Like Nothing Else

30 Sep 2021 (Th), 8:00 PM Esplanade Recital Studio [90 mins without intermission]

Tickets: (Standard) 50 SGD/ (Students) 25 SGD/ (NS and Seniors) 35 SGD

Like Nothing Else is a concert conceived and presented by CSS Full Member Robert CASTEELS with the help of National Arts Council and the Embassy of Italy in Singapore. This special concert combines songs, two grand pianos, poetry, dance and new technology.

This extraordinary concert will bring you an aquatic journey from Paris to Rome to Brussels to Singapore. Water connects each piece of the repertoire in the form of rain, dew, tears and rivers. The music includes well known masterpieces by French Impressionist composer Claude Debussy such as the art song C’est l’extase langoureuse and the piano piece Pagodes interspersed with extracts from Debussy’s own letters. His music truly sounds like nothing else, hence the concert’s title. Like Nothing Else ends with the climatic premiere of Acqua nel Riflesso, the new work composed by Robert CASTEELS with sound design in real time, poetry and dance.


Robert Casteels, Pianist Angela Cortez, Soprano Alessandra Fel, Actress Tabitha Gan, Pianist Emmanuelle Grizot, Solo dancer Mohd Sharul Muhd, Dancer choreographer Lynette Quek, Electro-acoustician Sabrina Zuber, Movement Artist

With the support of the National Arts Council, Singapore and the Embassy of Italy in Singapore



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