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Launch of I Am Fluent In Silence by Madeleine TAN

9 Sep 2020 (W) 9:15 PM Online at YouTube

Singaporean composer Madeleine TAN will be launching her short concert video I Am Fluent In Silence this Wed 9 Sep 2020 at 9:15 PM. Here is the brief description:

I Am Fluent In Silence by Madeleine TAN The artistic concept is inspired by The Girl from Ipanema by Frank Sinatra. In this famous song, the protagonist, a tall and lovely young lady, walks through the town obvious to the many suitors. The narrative of I Am Fluent In Silence tells the story of this lovely lady who is in the world of her own due to her inner struggles. On the surface, the protagonist is a high achiever and a personality that people want to emulate. On the inside, she is crumbling from the memories that she treasured, regrets that incapacitated her coupled with the emotions that she chose to ignore. This piece captures her emotional journey of her last moments of her life.

We want this piece to offer a space for awareness and empathy for those who might be going through what the world cannot always understand. Through this project, we hope to shed some light on mental health, mainly on the topic of suicide, and break the silence and allow individuals to talk about their emotions.

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