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K口U presents: 《LOSS》

Orchestral Hall Yong Siew Toh Conservatory National University of Singapore 21 Dec 2019 (Sa) 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM Tickets: SGD10

《Loss》 is a production that explores various forms of loss that is affecting the very world we live in through dialogue and music.

The concept of loss has stood through the test of time and it has a unique definition for every individual, often defined by their own personal experience. Featuring music that examines what is left of a prosperous ancient civilization, a real life account of a war veteran, environmental destruction and ultimately, death. <> aims to challenge each individual definition of the word and bring the audience on a journey to explore the spectrum of loss.

How can we address these issues? Are our individual efforts too little and too late for the impending doom?

About K口U:

Unanimously formed in 2019 upon completing their music endeavours in Europe, K口U aims to revolutionise the average concert-going experience. The one-of-a-kind, Singapore-based mixed instrument ensemble, refuses to be confined by tradition. Instead, K口U innovates by engaging multiple senses of the audience, allowing one to fully immerse the mind in the production.

K口U / 口 is a literal translation of the word ‘mouth’ in Mandarin. K口U is one of the most organic form of expression on the human body. Provocative in nature and capable of amplifying controversial ideas, K口U is an amplification of the group’s personal ethos expressed provocatively.

K口U members: Michellina Chan (saxophones) Don Kow (trombone) Vincent Tan (euphonium) Daniel Yiau (conductor/composer/bass clarinet)



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