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Journey on Eight Strings | 八弦之旅

30 Apr 2022 (Sa) 7:30PM Chamber, The Arts House Tickets: $22 per pax


Duo Tarenna TAN Tiag Yi (CSS Member), Cindy OW


Bright SHENG 盛宗亮: Angel Fire Duo (Singapore Premiere) Joseph LIM Soon Keong 林顺强: Horse Horse Tiger Tiger 马马虎虎 (World Premiere) LEE Jia Yi 李嘉怡: eclipse (World Premiere) CHEN Yi 陈怡: Happy Tune (Singapore Premiere) Bohuslav MARTINŮ 馬爾蒂努: Three Madrigals


Duo Tarenna is excited to present its debut concert Journey on Eight Strings at The Arts House, generously supported by the National Arts Council. This concert showcases a range of contemporary Chinese violin-viola duos, placing them in dialogue with each other and with a widely-acknowledged masterwork of the repertory- Bohuslav Martinů’s Three Madrigals. Two works by renowned Chinese-American composers Bright Sheng and Chen Yi are counterposed against newly commissioned pieces by Singaporean Chinese composers Lee Jia Yi and Joseph Lim Soon Keong. Taken together, they present complex and different takes on Chinese culture in contemporary society, which are nonetheless informed in different ways by experiences of “the West”.

Concert attendees are cordially invited to an online post-concert dialogue on 1 May 2022 (Su) 9:00PM with composers Lee Jiayi and Joseph Lim on Zoom, where we revisit eclipse and Horse Horse Tiger Tiger, and chat about their inspirations, compositional process and more! There will also be an open Q&A, so don’t miss out! (Please fill in the form here if you would like to attend)


新创立的哲泽双重奏将在新加坡Arts House Chamber 荣幸呈现首次演出《八弦之旅》,国家艺术理事会鼎力支持本次演出。小提琴与中提琴的搭配在西方古典乐独特又罕见;在这次演出中,哲泽双重奏将演奏为这特别的组合作曲的五首精彩曲目。著名美籍华裔作曲家盛宗亮(Bright Sheng) 和陈怡 (Chen Yi) 的《Angel Fire Duo》与《Happy Tune》是西方古典乐和华族文化碰撞后的典范作曲,而捷克当代作曲家 Bohuslav Martinů 的《Three Madrigals》具有强烈的民族色彩。除此之外,我们委托了两位新加坡本地青年作曲家林顺强和李嘉怡为哲泽双重奏创作曲目,借这次机会表达和抒发新加坡特殊的华族文化韵味。




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